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Run a profitable home sleep testing program from your office or sleep lab with no capital investment, no long-term contracts, and no additional staff to hire. ​

  • Discounted pricing on the latest HSAT device technology
  • Software with operational workflows, dashboards, interpretation portal, and more​
  • 24/7 patient support and direct-to-patient shipping available​
  • Interpreting sleep physicians available in all 50 states (optional)​

NightOwl Mini®

Introducing the world's smallest, most convenient, and accurate home sleep apnea test.

The NightOwl Mini is the only single-patient, multi-night, disposable HSAT device available on the market.

Cuts the average time to diagnose OSA in half!



Capture the inter-night variability of sleep apnea and avoid a misdiagnosis.



No contamination risk. Test up to 12 nights with a single device.



Clinically validated. Excellent agreement with PSG.¹

¹Massie F, Mendes de Almeida D, Dreesen P, Thijs I, Vranken J, Klerkx S. An evaluation of the NightOwl home sleep apnea testing system. J Clin Sleep Med. 2018;14(10):1791–1796.

Over 6 million patients tested

The HSATpro software was built using the same technology and functionality as the proprietary platform VirtuOx uses to manage its own HSAT operations.

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